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A classic whodunit—but with a harem of himbos! Determine which of your hunky housemates is killing off the other handsome hardbodies before you’re left with not a handful of hotties, but just one murderous, monogamous man.

You're lucky enough to live in a house full of gorgeous, vacuous men who love you unconditionally. Lucky until one of your hunky housemates begins murdering the others.


You must meet with your himbo harem to determine who the murderer is and under what circumstances the murder happened. Race against the clock to solve the puzzle and save as many handsome hardbodies as possible.


Key Features:

  • A Puzzle Game of Deduction. Gain clues about the murder by interviewing your harem of (living) himbos. Use those clues to determine the murder and circumstances. 

  • Multiple Possibilities. Each play through begins with a different victim, murder, and circumstance resulting in dozens of possible endings and hundreds of possible play throughs. 

  • 10 Himbos to Interview. Chat them up to not just learn about the murder, but to learn about them! 

  • This is Not a Dating Sim! These hotties already love you–you don’t need to woo them. They’ll spill their beans, while they dote on you.

  • Explore your Mansion. This mansion is huge! How else can it house 11 people? As you interview the himbos about the murder, you’ll visit over a dozen locations that give you further insight into the lives of your hunky hunies. 

  • Endlessly Replayable. Play again to solve a different puzzle, learn more about your himbos, and see more of the mansion!





Meet the Himbos